• Chez Sasha Says

    Chez Sasha says Fratelli NYC “is a great place to sit back and relax after a long day if you work or live on the Upper East Side, a neighborhood that often seems devoid of affordable restaurants.” Sasha is a noted downtown-er, who — in her own words — “rarely ventures past 23rd street” stating that she is “used to the casual dining scene where servers are covered in tattoos and the like.” But she made one of those rare stops uptown to Fratelli NYC with friend Sofya, and gave us a nice review in her food blog Chez Sasha, noting that “Fratelli NYC serves Italian classics in a laid back, calm atmosphere with unbelievably attentive service.” They ordered herb flat-bread with sun-dried tomato pesto, a 12″ Pizza Girasole that Sasha said “showcased classic flavors” and “simplicity.” For desert they ordered Fratelli’s white chocolate corncake. You can read Saha’s full review with photos here.

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