• Everyone at Fratelli NYC was pleased and delighted when we received a lovely — an unexpected write up this month. When Kira, the author of the Confessions of a Fat Soul blog stopped in, we didn’t know she was coming. Nor did she know anyone here. It was just one of those casual let me stop […] CONTINUE READING
  • According to Yahoo Voice, It’s Valentines Day and 2 ladies with no significant others, meet for a quiet dinner. One lady turns to the other and asks; “Where should we go?” The other lady aka miss cheapeats says; “Fratelli Brick Oven Pizza and Wine Bar of course!” At Fratelli NYC we prepare special menus for […] CONTINUE READING
  • The NYC Food Gals Like Fratelli NYC.  They’re roomies that are also foodies. They roam NYC on a quest to discover great hidden and/or unknown spots, feeding their attention-starved 31,000 Instagram followers. The girls stopped in to Fratelli Brick Oven Pizza and Wine Bar, and hash tagged it with #yum #amazing #dinner #tgif #fratelli #italian #thankyou […] CONTINUE READING
  • When reviewers from The Tasty Truth speaks about Fratelli NYC they said “It’s a joint that could pass as any other Italian eatery from a quick stroll past, but upon entering, you’re met by a chandelier-lit dining room and an array of smiling faces who want to do nothing but make your night better. You […] CONTINUE READING
  • Chez Sasha says Fratelli NYC “is a great place to sit back and relax after a long day if you work or live on the Upper East Side, a neighborhood that often seems devoid of affordable restaurants.” Sasha is a noted downtown-er, who — in her own words — “rarely ventures past 23rd street” stating […] CONTINUE READING
  • According to Ryan Shea, Manhattan Digest Says Fratelli NYC Pizza and Wine Bar is awesome! In a recent review of the pizza and wine bar he noted that Fratelli NYC is a strong contender for the best pizza on the upper east side of New York City. He referred to the ambiance as friendly and […] CONTINUE READING
  • “I never usually gravitate toward Italian food! But this place changed my mind. Everything was so fresh and flavorful. Although it’s tough to pick ONE favorite part of the meal, I’d probably say it’s a tie between the pizza and dessert! The whole restaurant had a very ‘neighborhood’ feel. A perfect place for a low-key, leisurely […] CONTINUE READING
  • V. Monet Benson of Chopstick Critque stopped by and noted that “The food is good and it’s a great  a date night restaurant.”  She reviewed the garlic bread sticks with a sundried tomato, caper, and anchovy dip., then a full meal. Her entree consisted of Sea food A La Rosa; a lobster tail, muscles, and clams over a bed of […] CONTINUE READING