Best Pizza & Wine After 9 years of success with their first restaurant, Café Luka, brothers Jon and Marc Bash’s next venture  was an Italian restaurant right next door. This Italian restaurant they appropriately named Fratelli, which means brother in Italian. Fratelli Pizzeria and Wine bar opened in 2007 providing upscale casual dinning at its best. Fratelli brick oven pizza and Wine Bar has become one of the Upper East Side’s most popular Italian restaurants serving the best pizza in NYC .  Jon and Marc have worked hard to ensure that the restaurant provides delicious food with friendly service in a warm accommodating atmosphere. Fratelli is a favorite for all ages, singles and families alike. Guests can dine at the bar and enjoy a full meal while catching a game on TV, or enjoy more of a dinning experience within the 70 seat restaurant. Fratelli’s menu consists of a variety of entrees ranging from traditional Italian dishes and brick oven pizza to whole-wheat pizza and gluten free pasta dishes. Whether diners choose a traditional or innovative dish, no one can resist the delicious hot out of the oven pizza bread and homemade sun-dried tomato dip, compliments of the Bash Brothers before each meal.