Monthly Archives: April 2014

  • According to Yahoo Voice, It’s Valentines Day and 2 ladies with no significant others, meet for a quiet dinner. One lady turns to the other and asks; “Where should we go?” The other lady aka miss cheapeats says; “Fratelli Brick Oven Pizza and Wine Bar of course!” At Fratelli NYC we prepare special menus for […] CONTINUE READING
  • The NYC Food Gals Like Fratelli NYC.  They’re roomies that are also foodies. They roam NYC on a quest to discover great hidden and/or unknown spots, feeding their attention-starved 31,000 Instagram followers. The girls stopped in to Fratelli Brick Oven Pizza and Wine Bar, and hash tagged it with #yum #amazing #dinner #tgif #fratelli #italian #thankyou […] CONTINUE READING
  • When reviewers from The Tasty Truth speaks about Fratelli NYC they said “It’s a joint that could pass as any other Italian eatery from a quick stroll past, but upon entering, you’re met by a chandelier-lit dining room and an array of smiling faces who want to do nothing but make your night better. You […] CONTINUE READING
  • Chez Sasha says Fratelli NYC “is a great place to sit back and relax after a long day if you work or live on the Upper East Side, a neighborhood that often seems devoid of affordable restaurants.” Sasha is a noted downtown-er, who — in her own words — “rarely ventures past 23rd street” stating […] CONTINUE READING